Scheduling Deposit: Screenprinting

Scheduling Deposit: Screenprinting


Please Contact Kat at with Description of project, and desired timeline to schedule time.

Screen printing at Wondershop:

You will provide the screen, and imagery (negative black printed on bond paper or transparency)

For $65, Wondershop will provide

  • emulsion*, other chemicals, tape, exposure, press, spatulas, darkroom storage, spray booth

  • A scheduled 45 mins for coating screens prior to print

  • 5 hours of print time

  • A scheduled pick-up time for dried prints.

*If you are coating more than 2 screens price may be increased based on project, and chemical consumption.

Do not pay this deposit until you have emailed with to schedule time. Once you have agreed on a time, you will pay this non-refundable deposit to reserve your time.

Cancellation: Please notify Kat 24 hrs before scheduled time

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